Covington Injury Attorney Evaluates DWI Allegations In School Bus Accident

As parents, we love our children more than life itself. We do everything in our control to nurture and protect our children. But, sometimes that is not enough. When our kids are victimized by the negligent or intentional conduct of others, our hearts sink, and our stomachs churn. If your child is injured, you have a responsibility to pursue those that caused the harm to your child. To protect your child’s legal rights, you must first call this attorney who has the necessary experience dealing with child injury lawsuits.

The best child injury lawyers know that claims on behalf of children can arise from a variety of different circumstances.  Children are not held to the same standard of negligence as adults because the law recognizes that children do not make the same well-formed judgments as adults do. Whenever a child is seriously injured you should immediately call this attorney as soon as possible – especially before you speak to an insurance adjuster.

According to the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year in the United States, automobile accidents cause the deaths of more than 1,400 children ages 14 years and younger and injuries to more than 200,000 of children the same age. Broken down, that is an average of 556 injuries of children and four children killed in traffic accidents each day.

Out of the children fatalities occurring each year, only twenty-five percent of the fatal injuries are suffered by students riding buses, while seventy-five percent of the children are struck while outside a school bus. Since 1995, more than one hundred seventy school age children have died in school vehicle-related accidents – seventy percent caused by school buses or vehicles and thirty percent by other automobiles. Sadly, near half, forty-nine percent – of all children killed in school transportation accidents were between the age of five and seven. It is not uncommon for bus drivers to be charged with a DWI, driving while intoxicated.

If a child has been injured, this injury attorney will evaluate all important factors including all forms of negligence by the driver or the school personnel if adequate supervision was not provided by school staff. Visit to schedule a free consultation to review the details of your case and formulate a plan of action.

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Prominent New Orleans DWI Attorney Win Cases

The most important thing that you can know about Driving While Intoxicated is DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE. Unfortunately, some people are accused of driving while intoxicated who are not “intoxicated” beyond the legal limit or who do not fit the law’s definition of “driving while intoxicated. You need to understand your rights when stopped by a law enforcement officer and charged with a DWI. Stephen Hebert can help even if you have already taken the tests and failed. There are many ways to defend a DWI case, and your defense to the criminal charge depends not only on the facts but also on hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight for you.

When you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and they ask you whether you have been “drinking” and also to step out of your vehicle, the officer believes that you are driving while intoxicated. The officer likely stopped you for another reason such as failure to drive in your lane, speeding, or some other violation. The officer will document any odor of an alcoholic beverage smell on your breath and any other observation about your appearance that may indicate consumption of alcohol.

When you are charged with a DWI, it is important to take immediate action. Driving while intoxicated in Louisiana is a charge that is taken very seriously and can include prison time and steep fines. Under the best circumstances, a conviction for driving while impaired may result in license suspension for one year. If you have been charged with drunk driving, you need a DWI lawyer with experience handling these cases. Stephen Hebert is familiar with criminal law and will advocate aggressively on your behalf. He will exhaust every option in the investigation of the claim against you in order to minimize your exposure to penalties.

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DWI Attorney San Antonio Has Extensive Experience

Charges of Driving While Impaired (DWI) are taken very seriously by Texas law. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated you need the help of a San Antonio criminal defense attorney to review the facts surrounding your case to help you determine the best course of action. Being arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), this may be the most difficult event in a person’s life. A criminal conviction can result in possible jail time, significant monetary fines, and a suspended driver’s license and raised insurance rates.

In Texas, DWI criminal penalties are severe. These convictions are maintained on your criminal record for years. There are so many adverse consequences to a DWI charge that it is imperative to hire an experienced San Antonio DWI attorney to manage your case personally. You will require a skilled trial lawyer with a strong history of positive results.  Take a look at the DWI attorney San Antonio website where you can learn more about the process.

For legal representation, it is important to hire an experienced DWI attorney. Your DWI defense lawyer will defend your case aggressively to ensure a positive outcome so that this unfortunate incident will not affect your future. Having this attorney by your side can mean the difference in the result of your case. His familiarity with the procedures of the criminal court system and can make a positive difference.

This lawyer has a track record of highly successful acquittals, reductions, and dismissals in the DWI defense of his clients. Texas DWI laws and penalties are complicated for the average individual to understand and will depend on some factors. Although the penalties are harsh and even more severe penalties can occur when the defendant is under age, or a minor is in the vehicle, or accident results. To schedule an appointment, visit

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